Graduate students, care providers, health professionals, consultants, advisors, designers, researchers, user testers, survey respondents, and service users contributed to the vision, content, cases, and spirit of Culturally Connected. We want to particularly thank Shabnam Ziabakhsh for her evaluation expertise. We are grateful for the contributions of everyone associated with this project and look forward to future collaborations.

About us

Culturally Connected was developed in collaboration by the Health Literacy team of BC Children’s Hospital and the Population Health Promotion team of BC Women’s Hospital, both of which are parts of the Provincial Health Services Authority.

The BC Children’s Hospital Health Literacy team aims to enhance the mental health literacy of children, youth, and families in BC through a diverse portfolio of projects and services. Culturally Connected supports the team’s goal of delivering evidence-informed resources to care providers health professionals across BC working with children and youth with mental health and/or substance use challenges.

BC Women’s Population Health Promotion team works to improve the health of women through the provision of health information, knowledge translation and capacity development. Culturally Connected reflects BC Women’s investment in online health information and education resources for newcomer women and the care providers health professionals who care for them, and is consistent with the understanding that health literacy refers not only to the skills of individuals, but also to the responsiveness and appropriateness of health services.


For more information on Culturally Connected, please contact:

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